Default assignee

Hence why folks are asking for it to be an option. I agree - shouldn’t be turned on always!

Yes please! I would like the option for creating a rule at least where we can have the default assignee is the creator of the task, This is especially helpful when multiple team members add tasks to a shared project board but forget to assign it to themselves. Taking this manual effort out of this makes sure we don’t miss any tasks or cards. And we can see who created or owns every card as of this moment at a glance instead of having to click into every card and look in the comments for who created it.

Another plus one for this feature!


Making any new task default assign to yourself does not compromise any UX as it requires the same number of clicks if you want to change to someone else. It does, however, cut down on an infinite amount of clicks from creating new tasks that are usually assigned to one’s self. Asana, I believe in you, do what’s right for the UX.

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New to Asana, can’t believe it.


I Agree this would be very helpful! +1

+1 !! 3 years of thread about this… please…

+1 Asana we are waiting

So I am a new user just trying out asana, so far the experience has been really positive. But now I came across this and am seriously doubting asana is for me.

If a company does not manage to add a feature this basic and 100+ replies of users wanting this within 3 years, I really don’t think I will get past spending money on this service. Bummer, looked really cool so far!


It’s funny, because I came here to say exactly the opposite of what everyone else seems to want. I am using Asana for GTD and want to quickly add tasks to my Capture project (GTD “Inbox”) without an assignee. My setup seems to default to me as an assignee and I don’t want that.

This thread is crazy! So many people for so long! I think a lot of people will be happy if asana implemented this feature. Why wouldn’t they?

I am new to project management tools such as Asana and I’m currently determining which to use. I’ve narrowed it down to Asana, Trello and a couple of others, starting with Asana first.

I am literally 20 mins into my Asana experience and this inability to create a default assignee is absolutely driving me nuts.

I’m using this alone and I am setting everything as private … what possible reason could there be for not creating a default assignee function?

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It’s a shame this hasn’t been addressed officially yet!
Add my vote, this is so basic.

But I guess it’s a way to turn users to business plans instead of premium.

Add me as another person who is seeing about using Asana (switching from Salesforce). But just struck by the fact that I’m going to have to assign myself every %@#$ task manually instead of having it default to me as a one-person team. Just seems silly not to allow this as an option. Not sure it’s a deal-breaker, but it makes me wonder what else I’ll find.




Hi everyone :wave:t2: Thanks for sharing your feedback with us!

We hear you and understand how having a default assignee option would be helpful. There is a couple of ways to achieve having a default assignee depending on where you are working in Asana:

  1. You can create tasks from the Quick Add button so the task is always assigned to you. You can easily add this task to any project at the same time the task is being created by filling in the Project button. (14)

  1. You can set up Rules in your projects to automatically assign tasks to you when a specific action is taken. For example, new task added to project → automatically assign to yourself. (15)

  1. You can create tasks from your My Tasks so it’s automatically assigned to you. If you would like to then add this task to a project, you can do so by using the Tab + P shortcut.

I hope this helps! Please feel free to create a separate thread in the #productfeedback category with more details and your use case if the option you would like to see implemented is currently not available :slightly_smiling_face: