Date not being displayed correctly

I am using Asana on windows 10 with Chrome. The due date only displays the day, not the date. There doesn’t seem to be anyway to change this. I tried using Firefox but same result.

@anon88498403 - I agree with your preference. Regretfully, that’s the default and it can’t be changed in Asana.

As a side note, If it’d be helpful, my team built an Asana add-on called that does exactly what you asked and 20+ other Asana enhancements/features :slight_smile:

The feature you are looking for is called “ShowDate” in and it’s free to try.

So the answer is it can’t be done. You probably want to speak to your tech people as you shouldn’t need an add-on to overcome a technical error, especially that which the customer has to pay for??

@anon88498403 - I don’t work for Asana. We are a solutions partner and just made Supersana because there were a ton of things we wanted to be able to do in Asana but couldn’t.

No need to try if you’re not interested. Just wanted to provide a possible answer to your question.
Yes, you are correct. It can’t be done natively in Asana.

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No offense but I didn’t expect to get a reply from a “solutions partner”, who was using the asana platform for their own product promotion.

Clearly Asana have technicial issues with their platform if it cannot display the date correctly.

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@anon88498403 - no problem. I answered first that it’s not possible in Asana. But, wanting to still provide a solution, I offered another method. Didn’t mean to put you off. Just saying there’s a way if it’s important to you.

I’d encourage you to also go to Product Feedback - Asana Forum and create a feature request.

Welcome, @anon88498403,

That’s right, it’s not configurable, but if you hover what’s shown you’ll see the full date info.

Also, it only is done for near-term dates (within a week); dates outside the week show month and date.

It used to be that if you hovered the day you’d see the full date (as in the screenshot in the post below), but that appears gone now. @Vanessa_N, is there any chance that’s a bug? That’s an unfortunate loss.

You can vote for this request if you want, and perhaps find another to vote on or add one:



I sent them an email

If its not configurable then it still amounts to a technical error. The task heading shows - Due Date not the Due Day.

@Ford_Prefect - Just a heads up, if you emailed directly, it might bounce.
They recently changed how they handle inbound support queries.

You’ll want to send them a ticket using this page: Asana Support - Help Center • Asana

Hi @anon88498403, thanks for reaching out and providing your feedback on this feature. As @Bryan_TeamKickstart and @lpb mentioned, as it stands, this feature is currently not available.

We closely monitor customer feedback and share it with our product team and we currently have an existing request in the Forum where you can upvote and we will keep the thread updated if we have plans to implement this in the future. Add three-character day of week to date tooltips at least, and some date references too

Please note Forum Leaders, Partners and Ambassadors are always keen to support Asana users in the Forum with tips, use cases and workarounds to try to help everyone unblock specific workflows :slight_smile:

Let me know if you have any other questions! Have a nice day!


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