Add three-character day of week to date tooltips at least, and some date references too

It would save time, and barely add any clutter (just three characters), to show the day of the week for all dates in tooltips such as the black-background tooltip here:


So, instead of showing:

Mar 10 11:00am


Tue Mar 10 11:00am

Also, in some cases, including the grey-outlined date display here, I’d argue that the same day of the week should be added there too to add clarity. This is a canonical, detailed display for information like this, and I don’t feel three characters is too much clutter added to provide useful info.

Often, I find myself clicking on the date in order to display the calendar so I can determine the day of the week for future dates, or mentally trying to calculate them, and it would be nicer to have it provided, at least in the tooltip.

And for:


for similar reasons, I think you should not hide the month and day. So instead of the tooltip shown, use this instead:

Wed Mar 4 11:00am



Happy Monday @lpb and thank you for this great feedback!

I’m adding this request to our Voice of Customer project for the team to consider it :slight_smile:

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I personally think that having weekdays as due dates is quite frustrating as it requires additional cognitive load to know today is what day in week (e.g. Saturday) and look at the task due day (e.g. Thursday) then make a subtraction (or a count) to comprehend the urgency of the task.

I argue that by looking at a full date, it is easier for people to know the urgency of a task based on its deadline by simply subtracting the task due date (e.g. 19 March) with today’s date (e.g. 14 March). The answer for the example is obviously “rougly 5 days”.

In conclusion, I prefer having specific dates (example: 14 March instead of Saturday).
P/s: Please leave Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow as task due date because I think these tags are extremely intuitive and helpful. Great invention! Thank you.


Welcome to the Forum @kyo and thank you for sharing your feedback with us and for explaining how this would facilitate your workflow.

We have recently received a similar feedback in the Forum regarding this topic so If you don’t mind, I’m merging your post with it to consolidate feedback and votes!

Thank you again for taking time to share this suggestion! Have a great week!

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@kyo, I think the solution I propose above in this thread may make all of us happy by showing both day and date. I’m glad you mentioned Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow as special cases and I agree with you those shouldn’t be changed.



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yes please!!! I need all dates. “Wednesday” what does that mean? Last Wednesday, next Wednesday? I don’t even know what today is. Please make this happen. My VA wants me to use Asana but so far its just killing my brain they way everything is formatted differently. Thanks for listening.

Agreed, having weekdays as due dates is VERY frustrating! Please tell us, is there already some way to switch to full date in Asana? For example “Sep 14” even though it is today/tomorrow or Monday, I prefer to see just sate “Sep 14” - thank you for Asana feedback.

YES. I agree completely with this and the other requests to make the deadlines clear. My task list is extremely frustrating with all the essentially meaningless weekdays mixed in with numerical calendar dates. I hope there is a setting where the due dates can be configured to a non-relative format that does not require constant mental calculations.

But this seems like a way of thinking with Asana - even this forum thread is laid out in an impenetrable format: I cannot see any year for this thread, just months and then more relative indicators like ‘3 months later’.
I do not know if this thread is from this year, 2020, or from last year, 3 years ago, etc.

Agree with the solution proposed by @lpb.

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Yes, this ( Wed Mar 4, etc) would be the best way of showing duesdate. Showing “Monday” tells me almost nothing, We then have to look at our calendars to figure out what day that is. It also makes it much harder to figure our how many days are left, or required to do a job.

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I completely agree. Having a combination of days of the week and dates for tasks due slightly farther out is confusing.

For example I see tasks due Monday, Tuesday and Apr 21. It would be much simpler to have an option to display this as tasks due Apr. 19, Apr. 20 and Apr. 21.