Please replace weekdays with dates (or let users choose)

I found several posts on the forum where people plead to replace weekdays with dates.

Users want this in due dates, comments, etc.

I prefer seeing a real date instead of “Tomorrow”, “Monday” … I can imagine that others prefer it the way it is now.

So Asana should offer a choice. In General Settings (for the domain) one should be able to set a preference for weekdays or real dates. This setting should be used througout Asana (like in task history, due dates, etc).


@Herve_Buisset (and others interested in this),

Please also consider voting for my proposal here:

I believe it must be an Asana design principle to limit use of settings (to simplify for both users and themselves) for better or worse. My proposal doesn’t require a setting so perhaps could be an easier request.



Please allow us to configure whether we see the day of week or the date! This is really making it hard for me to use Asana for all the reasons others have listed above.


The user should definitely be able to choose. Some in our group trying to set dates found the lack of choice very off-putting and surprising for a modern app.

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I love Asana but I hate that you can’t change due date formatting…it is chaotic seeing “tomorrow” or “Tuesday” instead of seeing an actual date.

Asana, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE give us this option.
Our projects revolve around tracking actual dates!

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Adding my voice (frustration) again to this issue. Please look at this screenshot. I need to decide which file to attach. I have one that is relative to a training on 12/10/2023 and one to a training on 13/10/2023 (European date setting). My tasks tells me that the training is … Friday. Now I have to lookup which of the two dates is Friday.
Scherm­afbeelding 2023-10-09 om 09.39.45

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Fully agreed!

I’m CONTANTLY having to click on the due date to pop open the calendar to see what the date is for “Thursday” or whatever. This is so unnecessarily foolish.

Why cannot the default setting be “Thurs April 1”? There’s plenty of room there to always show the data and day of the week.

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Hmm, just started using Asana at my job for a specific project (an editorial production schedule) and already wondering if this is going to work because of this very issue. Might just revert to a regular excel spreadsheet and skip Asana altogether. It appears to be a very bizarre design choice that there seems to be no chance of getting changed since I am finding similar requests going back two years now?