Please replace weekdays with dates (or let users choose)

I found several posts on the forum where people plead to replace weekdays with dates.

Users want this in due dates, comments, etc.

I prefer seeing a real date instead of “Tomorrow”, “Monday” … I can imagine that others prefer it the way it is now.

So Asana should offer a choice. In General Settings (for the domain) one should be able to set a preference for weekdays or real dates. This setting should be used througout Asana (like in task history, due dates, etc).

@Herve_Buisset (and others interested in this),

Please also consider voting for my proposal here:

I believe it must be an Asana design principle to limit use of settings (to simplify for both users and themselves) for better or worse. My proposal doesn’t require a setting so perhaps could be an easier request.