Date based rules help needed

I am trying to create date based rules but struggling.

Example 1 - currently has a due date of say Dec 2024. When this is complete a replacement task needs to be generated 9 months later.
A subtask of this needs to be done 4 months before it is due (so August 2024) and then regenerated 4 months before the next task 9 months later.

Complicated! I’m struggling to make it work. Any suggestions?

Hi @Sherry_White1 ,

I think there are two ways you could approach this: recurring tasks or using rules.

The recurring task would be easier and would give you more precise control over the due date of subsequent tasks, but it would not give you the ability to automate the subtask due date.

Your rule would look something like:

Unfortunately, you won’t have the same fine control over due date (you can only set it x days after, instead of x months or on the xth date of the yth month, etc.), but you will be able to have a subtask due date relatively set.