Dashboards to Instagantt


Hi again,

I have a technical question. Is the “dashboard” included in the API? Ie. would it be possible for Instagantt to create an option to make a group of projects that automatically included the projects in the dashboard (and removed them when removed from the dashboard)?

If my proposal to make it possible to add multiple dashboards, this would be even more useful.

What are your thoughts? Anyone here using Instagantt?



@Peter_Skjoldager In case you haven’t seen it, I recommend that you bookmark https://asana.com/developers/ for questions like these about the API.

Could you elaborate? What are you hoping for beyond the dashboard you currently see in Asana?

This sounds like something we’d have to ask Instangantt. :stuck_out_tongue:

Please follow up if you have other questions. Curious to hear from other community members about this one, as well.


I mean, would it be possible for Instagantt or any other third party to acces the “field” that indicates whether a project is shown in the dashboard or not, and use this to create a “group” that dynamically adjusted to the projects in the dashboard.

If this is possible i would be able to show the dashboard in a gantt view, in an easy way, where i do not have to adjust the instagantt “group” manually after adjusting the dashboard.

As far as i understand the API documentation this is not possible. But i am not a programmer, so i might be missing something :slight_smile:


Hey Peter! Daniel from Instagantt here :slight_smile:

I see what you say. I think it’s not possible to get this information from the API, but it would be great to automatically create Project Groups in Instagantt based on the projects you have on your dashboard.

Another thing that would be great is to auto-import your “favorite” projects from Asana, but I think it’s not yet possible from the API.

The API es evolving really fast though, so let’s keep an eye on it to see how can we get the best from it in the short term.


Hi @danielguajardok, great to see you on here! Way to go with all the continued hard work on Instagantt.