Dashboards don't show the value

Hi Asana Team :wave:

Briefly describe (1-2 sentences) the Bug you’re experiencing:
When you move the mouse over a graph, the values are not displayed completely.

Steps to reproduce:
Create a graph

Browser version: desktop app, and same on Chrome

Upload screenshots below:


Hi @Julien_RENAUD, thanks for flagging this.

I’m not experiencing this on my end. Have you tried these troubleshooting steps: Supported browsers and troubleshooting steps | Product guide • Asana Product Guide

If so and the issue persists, I’ll raise this with the Product team :slight_smile:

I also have the same issue with the desktop app.

I’ve compared with a colleague, and on his screen the value appears before the name of the custom field, while for me it’s after :thinking:

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I am honoured to be featured on your bug reports :sweat_smile:

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Thanks @Julien_RENAUD, I’ve flagged this with the Product team. I’ll keep you posted!