Dashboard reporting is not reflecting accurate information

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One of the charts in my main dashboard is not updating correctly, and therefore not reporting accurate metrics.

The chart I’m referring to is a projects by custom field chart. All of my custom fields are reporting correctly except for 1.

Browser version: Chrome Version 105.0.5195.102

As you can see from the screenshots below, there is no data in the “on journey” section of the chart. However, there should be a total of 3 projects listed there. I have provided a screenshot of the project details from one of the projects that should show up as “on journey.” Furthermore, I have provided a screenshot to show that there are no filters inhibiting the reporting of said projects - all projects within the organization should show up in this chart.

The chart was functioning properly until Friday 9/9. All other charts in this dashboard are still accurate.

Additional screenshots below:

Welcome to the Asana Community Forum @Abby_Watson2!

When it suddenly wasn‘t working anymore no change was made to the project correct?
And you have full access to the project like before?

Have you tried rebuilding the chart again to see whether the same thing happens?

I also recommend checking the troubleshooting steps such as logging out and in again, clearing cache, etc and if nothing helps contact support as they have more tools looking into your account directly etc to figure out why this is happening.

Hi Andrea,

Thank you for your response! To answer your questions:

Correct - no change was made to the project except that the custom field was updated. Normally when this happens, it is always immediately reflected in the chart.

Yes, I still have full access to the project - I am also the organization admin

Yes, I have tried to rebuild the chart, but I keep running into the same issue with the same custom field. It is only an issue with the “on journey” field.

I cleared cache and cookies on Friday and it did not resolve the issue. I have also tried logging out and logging back in, refreshing browser, etc. I will try again with cache and cookies today just in case.

Thank you in advance for your continued assistance with this issue!

Thanks for confirming all these points and for already investigating so many things.

That seems very strange indeed,

Once you contact support ensure you mention all of the things you listed above and anything else you tried + a short video showing this will definitely be great also.

Then I am sure they will be able to have this resolved.

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Thank you very much for your help. I will contact support shortly.

I am experiencing the same issue. When I export my portfolio data, the figures are not matching. When I start filtering information, my figures decrease. I have tried troubleshooting and nothing is working for me either. I will be submitting a ticket for my as well.

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