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I think I know the answer to this but I wanted to confirm. If I set a task as recurring daily and then I go on vacation for a week, when I come back and mark that task as complete, will it only generate the next task with a due date of today? As in, it will not generate a daily task for each of the last 7 days that I missed while on vacation?

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Correct a recurring task will only create a new task when you mark it as complete.
So if you are on vacation and the task is overdue by then basically (unless you changed the due date) it will only create a new task when the current one has been marked complete.

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Hey Andrea! Thanks for the response! I just wanted to confirm that the daily tasks I missed while I was out will not be created.

Example - I create a daily task. I’m out tomorrow so the daily task does not get marked as complete. I come back to the office on Friday 6/24 and mark the 6/21 task as complete. A task will then be created for 6/24, but the daily tasks that I missed on 6/22 and 6/23 will NOT be created. Correct?


Here is an example of an overdue task that I set as recurring daily.

I then marked it complete (just now) and this is the new task that has been created:

Thank you!

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