Custom Rules - Global settings, skipping weekends


We’ve just moved to the new plans to allow us to take advantage of custom rules. We’re liking it so far, but have a couple of questions.

Global Rules: Is it possible to create a global rule that can be applied to all projects, or at least shared with other projects to be applied? For now we’re having to create the same rule from scratch on each project. I do know that rules can be applied to templates, which is great for new projects, but we’ve quite a number of already ongoing projects that we’d like to apply rules to as well.

Skipping Weekends: We’ve set a rule to add a comment to tasks overdue 3 days. This is our first weekend of the rule being in place and had a few auto comments this morning because Sat / Sun have been counted as days for tasks overdue from Fri. Is it possible to somehow work around weekends?

I’ve also been reading quite a few positive comments about a tool called Flowsana. Does anyone have experience of whether it would allow the above, if Asana doesn’t natively?


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Hi @B_Tait

Welcome to the forum!
Bundles are the way to go with this - depending on your tier.
You can apply rules to multiple projects. (Or use a template for new projects)

There is not a way of skipping weekends using the rules.

Flowsana is @Phil_Seeman he will be able to help :slight_smile:

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Hi @Danielle-GenD,

We’re not on a high enough plan for bundles unfortunately. Templates are definite for us going forward, but a lot of our projects are ongoing, so I’ll just go through and manually add rules for now.

And thank you for confirming that we can’t skip weekends.

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Hi @B_Tait,

Alas, Flowsana’s “past due by N days” rule trigger does not currently take weekends into account.

However, there are many other areas of Flowsana that do allow for skipping weekends - we think it’s pretty important to do in general - and I do like the idea of doing it in that rule trigger. So I just created a feedback post here where you and others can vote for this if you’d like!

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Hi @Phil_Seeman ,

Brilliant, thanks. I’ve just voted for it!