Custom Rule - Allocate a task to an assignee after a task is completed?

Is it possible to create a custom rule which allocates a task to an assignee after a task is completed?

Trigger: Completion status is set
Action: Set assignee

do you want to allocate the that has been completed??

or do yo want to allocate a different task?

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Can you apply these rules to specific tasks, rather than sections and projects? And can you then assign another existing task to some one upon completion of this task?


I’m also interested in Josh’s question.
Or even having relative due dates based on the completion of the previous task would be a great help

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@Josh72 welcome to Asana forum!!

so rules are based primarily on project or section levels… HOWEVER if i want to set rules to a specific rule or a type of rule I create a custom field called “Rule” and add an identifying label to that task (you can hide the column from the main project view so it will appear automatic).
What you can do then is have a rule that applies where a task has that custom rule identifier…

so if the customer rule is set to “A” and is completed > create this task for X person…

the tasks you set up in rules will have a relative due date based on the creation… so if you have it set to create task when X task closes the due date on the new task will be Y days later.