Custom Fields and Board View



I like the idea of board view but the current implementation is kind of limited…
Ideally for me, i would like to create a list of values as a custom field, and be able to switch between List View or Board View based on that custom Field…
Just as there is a “Sort by Custom Field” and when you select a list, it groups tasks in rows, i would like a “Board by Custom Field” and instead of grouping into rows and it groups into columns.


Hi @Yiotis_Katsambas

Thanks for this. I guess there are a couple of posts about this and asana is already aware of this.
Did you check this out?



Hi Carlo, Thanks for sharing that topic. It seems that the main request there is to display custom fields it the board view. And yes that would be awesome too!


Did you try using color coded tags?


I did. A custom field can be a list of specific values that represent things like a status, or priority, or dept… Where tags are non-specific keywords and you can’t limit what different team member set that value too…