Creating Multiple "Duplicates" of tasks and subtasks at one time


I have a specific issue. If I use Asana to assign out something to my team (such as to complete a training item, or provide feedback, etc…) I have to duplicate one task many, many times and that gets incredibly tedious. Say I need 10 people to watch a tutorial on Pivot tables. I have to create one task 10 different times.

Now imagine I want 20 people to do the same exact thing. It’s the worst. Would be amazing to have a “Duplicate Task X number of times” option.

Perhaps here where we specify other parts of the duplication we can specify if we want multiple duplicates to be created at the same time. This would be a very effective time saver for people with repetitive tasks that are assigned to multiple people.

@Sophie_Gray, That’s a great idea. Until it’s available, is there any chance you were not aware of this existing feature which creates multiple copies of a task?:

Also, an earlier reply of mine describes a particular use of this (subtasks) that can make it even nicer for tracking purposes, in case that helps too:

Hope those might help until your original request is met.



Welp, that pretty much solves my issue! Thank you.