Assign duplicate task to a team instead of putting in all individual names

I wish I could I assign duplicate tasks and just type in the team name vs having to type each individual name (and remember them all!).


You can! It’s called Assign Copies and you can assign to a team and/or multiple individuals. See my post which explains about its use with subtasks which can be helpful sometimes:




Thanks! I know how to assign copies but I wish the option to pre-populate a Team existed so I didn’t have to type and add all 17 individual names…am I missing how to add a Team and have it show to any member of that Team?

@Kristin_Wheeler, Yes, you can @mention individuals or teams. From the Asana Guide linked page:

Assign Copies

If you’d like to create the same task for multiple people, you can easily assign multiple tasks to individuals or an entire team in your Organization.


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