Creating a recurring Announcement

Is there a way to create a recurring announcement for specific days and times that can be shared amongst my team? I see you create recurring tasks but not for the announcements. We want to be able to share the following questions below:

  • What are you working on today?

  • What did you complete today?
    Any advice and/or guidance is appreciated!

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Hello @christina.owens and welcome to the Asana Forums!

One of the ways my organization accomplishes this is using the Status Update feature on our Asana projects and then grouping projects into Portfolios. Here is a quick video that outlines how to use this function and here is a guide with step-by-step instructions on how to do this.

The key for this is that you will need to instruct your users to provide status updates for the projects that they own. You can do this on a project-by-project basis or you can also create a project for each team member (you could name it something like Bill’s Task List or Monica’s Status Updates) and have them update the Status on that project. From there you can quickly and easily see all of the status updates across all the projects in one place grouping all of the projects into a Portfolio and then sharing that Portfolio with everyone on the team who you want it to be visible to. Here is a guide on how to set up a Portfolio.

Hopefully this helps but if anyone else on the forum has another way of accomplishing this please share!

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You could also create a single task, and assign copies to everyone (by typing a team name where everyone is).


Thanks @Bastien_Siebman for another great way to do this! I believe that if you don’t have a Business or Enterprise account than you cannot use Status Updates or Portfolios in Asana so this is a good work around!



There are a number of ways to do this in Asana. When I work with clients I share about a half dozen different approaches to things like this which I consider more like asynchronous daily standup than Asana’s status/progress reporting. I ask clients what the intended use of this is. Is it to allow the entire team to know what each other is doing? To just let a manager know? To have a historical record? Some combination? Only then can a suitable solution be proffered.

I don’t really understand the two questions. Did you mean “What did you complete yesterday?” I usually ask about whether the team member has any blocks. Is that of value?


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Can you write a post about this? :heart:

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