Async Team updates

Hi all,

As a team, we have used the end of the year to review our meeting efficiencies. One thing we would like to implement is sharing updates asynchronously rather than spending time in a meeting and going around the virtual room giving updates. This will allow our team meetings to be used for discussion and decisions where we need to chat in real time.

Has anyone implemented these kinds of updates using Asana? I want to use the meeting template in Asana for agenda items and find the best way to incorporate async updates. I would love any ideas.


Are your team using the Project status for each of their projects they take care of? Have you considered having a single Portfolio for your team to socialise the team using the Status feature ?

We have status updates on projects and also a meeting project where we multi-home things.

Regarding the meeting project, I always wanted to deal with things asynchronously all day long: my dream was to see meeting topics being resolved even before the meeting happens. The reality is that not everyone feels confortable juggling with so many topics during the day, so my team was mostly against the idea, they would rather quickly discuss something during the meeting.

I hope this helps.

PS: we do use comments a lot on many topics, not everything is discussed during the standup meeting

Hi! Portfolios would be amazing, but my team doesn’t use Asana for most of their work.

Unfortunately, my team doesn’t use Asana for everything yet, so using portfolios and status updates won’t work.
Regarding the async updates - this was decided as a team to free up time for discussion, so I am lucky they are on board.

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