Creating a new task on another project when new task has been created but not to mirror the fields


I would like to ask if there’s a way to automatically add a new task to another project when creating a new project but not to mirror the fields and just copy what’s in the ‘Description’.

Ideal Steps

  1. Create new tasks X via Forms to Project A
    => All response will be copied to ‘Description’
  2. Task X is created on Project A with field template of Project A
  3. Then automatically create new Task Y on Project B with field template of Project B but to copy Description from Task X

I have tried ‘Customize’ > ‘Rules’ > ‘Add rule’ > `Add to an another project’, but this will create a task on Project B mirrored all the fields from Project A’s task.
I would like to just create new task on project B and copy description.

Apologies for my horrible explanation…


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Hi @Tomotaka_Motoyoshi and welcome on the forum :wave:

Thanks for this advanced question :wink:

If you really need those 2 tasks to be different, you could try a series of rules like that:

Rule 1 : Each time a Task X is added to Project A, then create Task Y in Project B.
And Task Y should contain description of task X as description

Remark: Description Variable can be added via the “+”, this way :

Rule 2: Remove Task Y from Project A (as this somehow can’t be done directly with first rule)

Tested, it works :slightly_smiling_face: (5)

But there might be other ways to achieve the same results.
Hope that helps and please let me know if you have questions :wink:


Hi @Arthur_BEGOU , thank you very much for the detailed instruction.
This is exactly what I wanted to do, so thank you very much!


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Thanks for your nice feedback; that really made my day :wink:

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