create task comment with gmail itegeration IMAP package to get reply and store in asana task comment

How to insert task reply mail to asana desire task comment using gamil IMAP laravel packge without extra links?
and how to add the reply response to that task which task send coment to the user and he replied that

Hi @Umair_Maqsood,

FYI I moved your post to the Developers & API forum section since it’s a question about coding and using the Asana API.


I’m not sure exactly what you mean by “without extra links”, but in terms of an overall answer to your question: you would be responsible for writing code which obtains the email content that you want to add to the Asana task. Then you can use the Asana API to add that content to the desired task in Asana - most likely you would add it as a new comment on the task, which you can do using this endpoint: Create a story on a task

Also note, though, that Asana has recently introduced an update which automatically syncs Gmail replies with Asana task comments - see here for more info - so perhaps that would provide what you need and you wouldn’t need to write code to do it?

i want to store just colored comment date time and other are extra

Then you’ll probably have to code your own integration to do that. (I’m assuming you’re a developer since you mentioned the Gmail IMAP laravel package.)