Core Platform Functionality Flaws + Looking for Workarounds

I have been a long time Asana user have used Asana to run a small creative agency for close to 10 years now. Despite the many great additions and improvements to the platform, I think there are fundamental platform flaws that prevent the tool from being effective as a single source of truth for our work an allow for true asynchronous work culture.

I’m going to attempt to break this down by core section / UX and welcome any feedback on workarounds from the community:

1) Inbox, Notifications, and Updates are The Achilles Heel of Asana

As a business owner involved in client facing and internal responsibilities, my inbox is utterly and completely unusable. I could literally spend my entire working day catching up on my inbox. Here’s what I think the inbox and notifications system needs:

  • Much more granular filtering, and the ability to save these filters (filter by workspace, portfolio, project, etc.)
  • Much more granular control over what triggers a notification
  • A better way to see threaded asynchronous conversations about tasks and topics in my inbox
  • The inbox has so much noise and context about each task that I cannot easily skim, prioritize, and stay up to date on what’s new without getting completely inundated with an overwhelm of tiny, granular updates, so I miss bigger picture important updates that I actually care about (ex: Karen added 30 tasks to a project and assigned them to me? Now I have 30 items in my inbox to sort through).

2) No ability to see a feed of updates within a project view

If I want to know what’s changed on a project since I last visited, I have no way of doing that right now. I can see a feed up changes per task, but no meta view or feed of updates at a project level. This is obvious, core functionality for PM software. Basecamp handles this very well with a simple “catch up per project” and “activity feed” for the entire workspace

3) My Tasks is completely overwhelming

My tasks also has very limited filtering. I should easily be able to filter my tasks by project, workspace, portfolio, etc. and save those filters. I should be able to search within my tasks without having to do an advanced search.
I should be able to filter out tasks that were not created by me.

4) Projects need better sorting, filtering, and searching

There’s been some decent progress here recently, but I still only have the ability to sort and filter and save a single view, which then changes the view for everyone. I want to be able to sort, filter, and customize project views and save these views for easy future faceless. I want to search within a project without using advanced search and switching to a new view to do so.

I am aware that there may be feature requests and threads for some of these individual issues, but I am lumping these together because I think they collectively represent a critical missing mesh of functionality that could really improve the usability and effectiveness of Asana for the entire user base. I am aware that this will likely not lead to any meaningful change in the product roadmap but I feel as a long time customer I should voice my feedback nonetheless.

I do welcome any hacks or workarounds that others are using to get around any of these limitations of the app.


On the forum we suggest you create on thread for each topic, or found an existing topic if possible. It makes it easier to answer and vote individual ideas :slight_smile:

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