Inbox notifications hack is broken

My settings are turned off to receive in box notifications (Hacks, disable is ON) and at the project level, only mark “new tasks added” and “messages”. About a month ago, I started getting notifications of upcoming tasks and overdue tasks. So for every 1000 tasks I have with 250 due in a day I am sometimes getting 500-700 notifications. I am a PM, I dont need to be reminded I have tasks. I need to know why this has happened and if it is a betatest–it is not sustainable. It is pushing my team members further and further away from even using the inbox because they cant get to what matters.
If this is going to stay, is there a way at the top of the inbox to ‘filter’ out (new option). Otherwise, for every hundreds and hundreds of tasks, everyone has to waste keystrokes “@”-ing someone.

Customer support has not been able to shed any light on this only to say “your email notifications are off” uh-huh. In Box and Email are separate. And “this is not possible” without addressing the issue. And no way to confirm settings. I am a power user and one of the first users of Asana back in the day so not a newbie, but you never know.

This is recent within perhaps the last month and seems totally random. Is there a solution?

Update: I have logged out of every single device, reinstalled Asana across 6 devices, confirmed hack is set to “on” (do not notify) and my inbox is still flooded with task reminders. NOT ONE PERSON ON MY TEAM IS EXPERIENCING THIS AND CUSTOMER SUPPORT SAYS THEY CANT HELP.
Isnt there someone at Asana that will help???

After years of “Disable notifications for tasks starting & due today” hack, every day I am getting 100s of reminders/notifications of upcoming tasks. I have reinstalled Asana on all devices, I have confirmed the hack is turned on. I have contacted support who will not help. I am the only one of 10 people on my firm’s subscription that this is happening to, and I receive the most tasks! I am a Project Manager and dont need reminders. Customer support states that that is just how it is basically even though I am the only 1 of 10. Cant get any help

Hi @jbirkes , I believe you are currently part of an A/B test that is still ongoing.
I’m afraid there isn’t a way to opt out of this, sorry! It should end soon, or roll out to everyone (which I personally hope it doesn’t!).

I’m converting this thread to a Tips and Tricks since there isn’t really something to vote on.

I thank you. This is disastrous for me. Customer Support has no idea. I really appreciate you caring enough to update me.

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I can see this started affecting other users last month - in this thread

Now, I’m getting inbox notifications for upcoming and overdue tasks (started 3/25, I think). Please, can we make it STOP?!

I went in and adjusted notification settings, thinking maybe there had been an update and I needed to adjust setting to fix it, but no, that did not help.

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Hi @Jillian_Adkins , I’ve reopened the thread and merged your post into it.

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