Copying Tasks- HOW TO COPY TO NEW PROJECT (Multiple at one time)



I am very annoyed right now. I have an archived project that contains a section (and multiple tasks within that section) that I want copied to a new project (while maintaining the history of the old tasks in the old project). I tried that but realized quickly that it was the same task just in two different projects. WHICH IS NOT WHAT I WANT. So I selected them all from the new project and deleted them and now they are gone from my archived project. And now I am crying. Help me.


Okay I figured out how to undelete tasks from Deleted Items folder but I still can’t batch undelete. I have to spend the next 12 years clicking on each task individually?


Hi @Jacqueline_Fell

There is a workaround for batch undeleting. Just multi-select all of the tasks you want to undelete, click the three dots in the upper-right of the task pane and select Add to Project (or Tab+P):


Now add the tasks back to the project from which you deleted them, or create an undeleted project just for that purpose. All tasks will be undeleted in the process.

If you’re looking for a way to copy tasks directly across to another project, there’s no perfect solution for copying subtasks and comments, unfortunately. However, a slightly more convoluted workaround for this is to copy the entire project, delete all of the tasks you don’t want, then select all of the tasks you’re copying and manually drag them from that project into the other one in the sidebar. This moves the tasks from that project into the other, with all descriptions, comments and subtasks intact.

Hope that helps. :slight_smile: