Converting an organization into a workspace


My team and I have been working from an organization, but it seems we should be using a workspace since everyone uses a different email domain.

Is there a way to migrate all projects and tasks from our existing organization over to a new workspace?


That is a very good question, I never realized in a workspace everyone would be seen as a full granted member. @Marie is that so?

Happy Friday @Jesah and thank you for reaching out!

We usually don’t recommend to move back to a workspace since Organizations offer better flexibility for a Company’s workflow, like Teams and other functionalities.

If you have colleagues that don’t have the same email domain, you can always add them as Guests:

I hope this helps! Please let me know if you have any follow-up question!

If you still consider to convert back to a workspace, please have a look at the following thread, where my colleague Marie explains the steps to achieve that: Help! Need to Convert Organization Back to Workspace!

Thanks @Natalia, this helps!

I may not need to make this change if I can address this concern:

I’d like for the organization name, as it shows currently, to be changed. Is this possible?

Bonus points: If my users could also access Rules functionality.

Thanks again!

Hi @Jesah!

If you’re on a Paid plan, you can change the name of your Organisation via the Admin console. Please have a look at the following Guide article to learn how:

Regarding the Rules feature, I can confirm that guests cannot create rules but they can trigger rules.

Hope this helps Jesah! Have a great week!

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