Contact Asana for billing issue?

We’ve completed our first year on a paid plan and there seems to be a billing problem for the renewal. I can’t figure out how to contact a human at Asana (via phone or email) to deal with the issue. Any tips or tricks? Thanks. -Steve

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Hi @Steve_Rothman and welcome to the forum,

Here is the best way to get in touch with Asana support:

One tip: once you get an reply email from your submitted ticket, don’t reply to that ticket asking for an update; that will just cause your ticket to go to the back of the queue again. You’ll need to be patient and wait for a reply from support!

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Thanks! Didn’t realize I had to use the “Support Bot” - I was looking (hard!) for a phone number or email address. I’ve put in a request using the Bot, so I’ll wait for an email. Thanks.

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