Construction Projects

Please can you contact us directly. Many thanks

Hi, this is all possible with asana, right, not simple asana, you just need to set them up the right way.
Users are good, then you will need to have what I call now sub - projects, what your contractors or workers will not have access and you will need to link the tasks in the projects to each other.
I hope this helps, let me know if not.

This is the best method I have heard for my usage, as well. I will start looking at things differently and try this as well. I would be interested in hearing more on how you have it set up once you change that task into a project and use sections to manage that. Thank you so much for sharing!

I’m looking to use asana for managing our production flow for our residential projects for a solar company. I wanted to link it with our slack account as well. Any advice would be helpful.

Josh - I’m only in the beginning stages of learning about dependency dates auto shifting but, I read recently that the dates will only auto adjust on the Timeline view.
Other views will not show the date changes.

I was close but wrong.
The date change (presumably the one that triggers the cascade), must be made on the Timeline.

**An Excerpt of the Dependency page found here **
Creating task dependencies | Product guide • Asana Product Guide

“The date change has been made on Timeline. If the update on a task is made from My Tasks, Inbox, or any other project view that is not Timeline (like List, Board, or Calendar), the affected tasks won’t be automatically updated.”

would you be able to contact me as well?

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I am looking for information on getting our process consistent from job request to completion and everything in between.

How did this work for you?

Hey MFC,

I hope you’re doing well.

I was wondering if you’d be able to provide me with some assistance as well. Surprise, surprise - very similar predicament, but also using Procore for some functions, so the part I’m stuck on might be “easier” for you.

What can I help you?

Hi MFC, Would very much welcome an intro call to see how you have applied Asana to construction.

Hi everyone! I have set up numerous projects and workflows for clients’ Design & Build projects in Asana.

But one amazing Asana integration that has helped me and my clients is Instagantt (no affiliation) which offers very similar functionality & user interface as MS Project & Primavera, but the great thing is it syncs up with all your tasks in Asana so you can easily change dates and correlate other projects too! i.e. you could compare numerous projects together to see your entire team’s workload easier and what tasks may conflict with one another. You can also mark public holidays which is also useful so it will correctly calculate actual working days!

It’s free to plug it into your asana and sync up to 3 asana projects (on the free version) which you can then easily export to PDF or live link to share your construction schedules with your clients and stakeholders :grin: which is something currently impossible to do with asana’s timeline, unless you add these people to your asana project…

Check out how to setup Instagantt here Syncing Asana with Instagantt | Product guide • Asana Product Guide

This looks very interesting, than you for sharing this.

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There are currently 74 messages in this thread but no mention of this Asana-provided construction project plan template:

Has anyone tried it? (I haven’t). Please post your feedback if you try it.

Hope that helps,


Hi MFC, may I hire you to create a construction project template?

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I’d like a template like this as well!