Construction Projects

Dear MFC,

Can you assist me as well, would like to setup Construction project template just like everyone else.

Thank you

I found that Flowsana was a solution for this, but it was quite complicated

Hello MFC,

Could you assist me as well? Our team already has developed a Construction Project template in Asana that has been working for us, but we are looking for help with improving it with Asana’s features.

Thank you!

Sure, I pm’d you.

Can you please pm me about construction templates.

Hi Im new in asana and need help with this… can you help me?

@MFC can you PM me as well? We need help putting together construction management templates as well! Thank you!

Good afternoon Moishe!

Would you please send me some Construction project templates? I really appreciate it. I want to try before going to premium. Thank you!

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I have a 40 user construction company considering asana for project lifecycle, and project related workflow task management. Can you please message me? I’m potentially interested in consulting with you on this project.

Thanks. Matt

@MFC Moshie - I own a Disaster Restoration and Construction company. I have used Asana more for “internal” office processes but would like to use for the Construction side. I would be very interested in your template and assistance. Please let me know if you’re able to assist. Thanks,

@Beau_Barrett - understand this is an older thread, did any of you have any success with using Asana?

@Daniel_Gomez1 @Ryan_Colton - How successful for you at making Asana work for “Construction” projects? I’m attempting to use it for managing 50+ concurrent Disaster Restoration/Construction projects. Interested in your thoughts. - Kelly

@MFC I see you’re the GO-TO person for construction management templates for Asana… would you be able to share a working template with me?

Every business- even in construction - is different and a ready template for general constructions might not help you, try to come up with a unique one for your business.
I might help you, PM me.

See my comment below.

Hi @MFC , I’m also keen to see what you offer.
Can you please DM me?

Hi im looking for some help in asana setting up, i have set up a basic function, need more help on detailed setting up.

Hi @MFC I’m interested to talk to you about setting up Asana for managing a group of commercial design and construction projects. Could you PM me?

I want some templates

Hello @MFC
I am looking for templates as well. I work for a company that does asphalt services (paving, milling, pulverizing), field drain tiling, excavating, grading, and land clearing. If you could help that would be greatly appreciated.


I am starting a construction project and have singed up to asana. I have 5 core mananagement staff, but we hire about 20 contractors on each project. I want to use the software to manage and update contractors. Do I have to add them as users? or just assign them tasks. I obviously don’t want to share open access with contractors so I am unsure how to go about this. I have watched the tuturiols but they dont answer this specific question.

P.S I would also be interested in working with a Asana expert to help develop this for my companies.