Construction Projects

Structuring Asana for construction projects can help you effectively manage tasks, deadlines, and collaboration with your team. Here’s a suggested way to structure your projects in Asana:

  1. Workspace: Create a dedicated workspace for your construction projects. This will serve as the main container for all your projects and teams.

  2. Projects: Create a project for each construction project you undertake. Name the project according to the project’s name or location. Each project will represent a specific construction site or client.

  3. Teams: Create teams based on different roles or departments involved in your construction projects. For example, you can have teams for Project Management, Design, Construction, Electrical, Plumbing, etc. This will help in assigning tasks and collaborating with the relevant team members.

  4. Sections: Within each project, create sections to organize different phases or areas of work. Common sections could include Planning, Design, Pre-construction, Construction, Inspections, and Completion. These sections will serve as high-level milestones or categories for tasks.

  5. Tasks: Create tasks for specific activities or deliverables that need to be completed within each section. Assign tasks to team members responsible for their execution and set due dates. Add relevant details, attachments, and subtasks to provide clarity and context.

  6. Subtasks: Break down complex tasks into smaller subtasks to manage them more effectively. This allows you to track progress at a granular level and ensure nothing falls through the cracks.

  7. Dependencies: Identify task dependencies to establish a logical sequence of work. Use Asana’s dependencies feature to indicate which tasks need to be completed before others can begin. This helps in creating a smooth workflow and avoiding bottlenecks.

  8. Tags: Utilize tags to categorize tasks based on specific criteria such as priority, location, or resource requirements. This can be helpful when filtering or searching for specific tasks across multiple projects.

  9. Due Dates and Milestones: Assign due dates to tasks to ensure everyone stays on track. Set milestones within each project to mark significant project milestones or deadlines.

  10. Comments and Communication: Encourage team members to use task comments to communicate updates, ask questions, or provide feedback. This keeps all project-related discussions in one centralized location and ensures everyone is on the same page.

  11. Project Templates: If you frequently undertake similar types of construction projects, consider creating project templates. Templates can save time by predefining the project structure, tasks, and milestones, allowing you to quickly set up new projects with a consistent framework.

Remember to tailor the structure to fit your specific needs and adjust it as your projects evolve. Regularly review and update your projects in Asana to reflect any changes or adjustments to the construction project’s scope and timeline.

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@MFC We are doing the same thing with construction & development. Can you pm me details.

@Paulo_Fernandes Thank you for laying out your structural recommendations. In going through the structure, I’m curious how you link the #3 Teams task “create teams based on different roles or departments” to together. While I can link tasks between Asana Teams through two or more independent projects housed within separate teams, I’m not able to connect a project to more than one Asana “Team”. Thanks!

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Hi @Bamboom ,

Not sure how @Paulo_Fernandes has set things up, but how I’ve set things up for numerous clients that I’ve helped in the Construction industry, is to create a Single-select dropdown called ‘Team’ listing all your teams/departments. This field should be used in every project, placed next to the assignee column in the list view.

You can then have rules in place so that whenever a task is marked with the ‘Plumbing’ team option, then that task is also added (multi-homed) in the project called ‘Plumbing tasks’ which the plumbing team can use to see all of their tasks from all the active projects, in one project.

Hope that helps!


Hi there @MFC. Looking for a template to manage trades and timeline for a detached single dwelling construction project. I’m a owner acting as my own GC.
Seeing if you have a generic template I could use? Thanks in advance!

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