Consider combining 2 custom fields into one

Fancy a little clean-up among your custom fields?

You should probably consider merging some custom fields together, especially drop-downs related to status. For example, if you have a dropdown for the approval status (approved, rejected, to approve) and a status for sending a document (sent, to send) you can combine them into a single field with all possible combinations. I explain this technique in a video if you’d rather listen to me : Why you should combine custom fields in Asana - YouTube

You can also decide to hide some fields from the list view, but keep them on the tasks, by toggling off those fields in the Customize menu.

Finally, you can store information within the description or using tags to get rid of custom fields that clutter the task.

Any other ideas to declutter?


As an aid to decluttering your custom fields, there is this awesome utility someone wrote that lets you see all of the global custom fields in your organization or workspace: minimalist work - Work less with better tools and methods

(This guy also has a similar tool for tags, which can be a huge help for decluttering those.)


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Thanks for the shootout Phil!