Connecting Facebook and LinkedIn ads data to Asana

Does anyone here connect their Facebook and LinkedIn ads campaign data to Asana? If so, I’d be very interested to know how you did it. I search the Integrations marketplace and couldn’t find anything.

Hi @Stan_Tan, welcome to the Asana Community Forum! As it stands, we don’t offer integrations to connect Asana with Facebook and LinkedIn. I see there are some triggers you can set with Zapier, for example:

I hope this helps!

Hi Emily,
The only integration I see for LinkedIn is company updates. How about integration for LinkedIn ads campaign?

Hi @Stan_Tan, what exactly do you need to accomplish through an integration?

Hey Davide, we manage our LinkedIn ad campaigns through Asana and would like to report out under the same software too. Currently, we are manually pulling the data from LinkedIn.

If I understand well, you have an Asana task for each campaign in LinkedIn and want to auto-fill Asana custom fields with the summary stats from the linked campaign on LinedIn?

Yes, inputting data into our custom fields would work well with our workflow. This will help with our reporting out of Asana.