Conditional custom fields

It’d be great to be able to create “conditional” custom fields that only pop-up when/if a specific option is selected in an earlier field. A good comparative example would be considering how Google Forms allow you to direct respondents to particular questions based on their answer to an earlier question in the form.

Even if all of the fields remaining on the page for every task but were just automatically greyed out if not relevant, that would be a big step forward in this regard.

Agreed - has there been any progress made in the development of this feature?

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With arrival of Rules, one should be able to configure that with multiple projects. The possible howto would be:

  1. Different sets of “additional” custom fields should be added to defferent “additive” projects to be added to task in question to extend its fieldset.
  2. Primary project should gain Control “dropdown” custom field that would control which “additive” project to add.
  3. It would be necessary to setup several rules that would add one of the “additive” projects upon selection of corresponding values of Control “dropdown” field. Asana Business would be necessary for such rules though.

The issue with this approach would be that if one is “playing” with Control field, then task would gain multiple “additive” projects, thus gaining mix of additional fields.

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Jumping here to let you know we have added a new Conditional Logic capacity to Rules :tada:
As from now, you are able to create Rules using multiple Triggers (up to 20) and multiple Actions (up to 5). In case you have missed the announcement, you can learn more about it in our Guide.

I’m closing this thread now but if you have any follow-up questions or feedback to share please let us know here or in the #productfeedback category !

We hope you enjoy it! Have a great week!