Conditional Rules in Workflows

In our unit, we get a variety of different creative requests. While I was working on a new workflow today, I realized that I can’t set a conditional logic rule for converting a task to a project. Maybe I missed something or am thinking about my rules the wrong way…

Here’s an example of a workflow that I’m trying to build:

TRIGGER: Task moved to section “In Progress”


IF: “Design Type” = Animated Video OR Website OR Instructional Design


ACTION: Convert Task to Project

Currently, I cannot set a rule to only make some types of requests into projects versus tasks.

Is this addition being considered at all?


You can do that now in one of two ways:

  1. Three rules, each with two triggers ANDed together and action Convert to project:
    a. Task moved to In progress and Animated video
    b. Task moved to In progress and Website
    c. Task moved to In progress and Instructional design
  2. One rule:
    Task moved to In progress and dropdown custom field Needs project? is Yes
    (First you would make that custom field and a rule to set it properly based on changes to the Design type.)

Asana is augmenting rules and may offer a more streamlined solution in the future, but nothing has been officially announced yet.



PS I’ve moved the thread to Tips and Tricks so others can benefit.


I was just typing up something similar :slight_smile:


Sorry, @Vaughn_Dewar!


Thank you so much! I hadn’t tried hard enough and, as it turns out, that works exactly as planned. It wasn’t super clear to me, when building the rules, that AND statements would be added.

Thanks again!

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