Completed Tasks Move

Hey team,

When a task is completed I would like these to be removed from our “To Do” list.

Sorry how do I set this up please?

Hi @Jai_Huta and welcome to the forum!

A few questions for you…

What Asana subscription level are you on - Free, Premium, Business, or Enterprise?

When you say “removed from our “To Do” list” - can you say a little more about that? Is that a project? Or are you referring to each user’s personal “My Tasks” list?

When you say “removed from” - do you want completed tasks just to be hidden so they don’t normally show - would that work for you? - or do you need them actually removed from the project?

We currently have a premium trial.

I am referring to each persons “My Task” list.

I would like them hidden so that we no longer see them.

Hi @Jai_Huta,

What you want is to set the dropdown on the right-hand side of the view to “Incomplete tasks”:

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