Coming soon: Asana redesign to help you find what you need quickly and easily

“Over the years, we’ve heard that Asana can feel cluttered and difficult to navigate, especially as you add more work.”

So we made it even more cluttered and difficult to navigate. The projects widget in the home page was already a useless un-organizable widget, but nobody cared since it was completely optional, but now you have made it impossible to opt out of this view. To make matters worse you are rolling it out on a per person basis instead of per organization, so some people have the update while others do not leading to more chaos.

Starting to think “if its broke, break it more!” is Asana’s motto.

Just checking in on the rollout for Premium customers? I want to be sure I’m prepping my team for this change!


It’s been a few months. Anxiously waiting for the release to prep my team!


Me too! I tagged @Marie yesterday and she said we should hear details soon.

Hi everyone! Just wanted to share a quick update on the launch timeline here. We hope to roll this update out to all customers in July. We will make sure to post an update here if something changes!

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