Coming soon: Asana redesign to help you find what you need quickly and easily

How come I don’t see the new redesigned sidebar. Do I need to e-install and re-install ASana?

See a few posts above:

Thank you for the reply.
Looking forward to playing with it.

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The sidebar redesign is awful nd has ruined my workflow. Please bring back the old version where we could sort and scroll.


Welcome, @Angela_Davies1,

You replied to me, but just so it’s clear, I don’t work at Asana; I’m just an Asana consultant.

Your feedback here will be seen by Asana, though in my experience, it’s unlikely they’ll bring back the old version.

If you haven’t already seen it, this post may provide some workarounds:




I understand you are trying to grow and improve your product, but a recent change has just made my life using Asana a nightmare. Please make an option to go back to the way things were.
I am begging you to please put my sidebar experience back if you are able. We have many clients and each has a few boards and I need to be able to have fast, frequent access to all of them. I flip back and forth many times a minute even.
This change, for me, is counter productive and makes my work flow and work experience confusing and cumbersome.
Also did you guys give notice? Just changing someone’s work life like that so abruptly is disorienting. My work life was literally upended.
You should at the very least, give people, especially existing users, the choice on how to view.
You really can’t even imagine how negatively this has effected my day to day.


Hi @Khris_Ramella :wave:

From an Asana user to an Asana user.

Even though for me, the new sidebar has improved my daily life (more space, easier to scroll a long list of projects), I sympathize fully, and I understand that this change can be unsettling (I’m still shaken by the Asana colors change a few years ago…).

Personally, I tend to make use of the Chrome tabs to switch between multiple projects (ex: if you use the “CTRL + click” shortcut, you can easily open multiple tabs to define your playground and work from there).
example :

chrome-capture-2023-4-16 (1)

Also, I would suggest you read this very good guide written by @Richard_Sather. Meanwhile, an eventual “switch to the old version button”, it may help you get used to this feature.
=> ✅ Ultimate Guide to the new Sidebar redesign: Get your team prepared!

All the best :wink:


“Over the years, we’ve heard that Asana can feel cluttered and difficult to navigate, especially as you add more work.”

So we made it even more cluttered and difficult to navigate. The projects widget in the home page was already a useless un-organizable widget, but nobody cared since it was completely optional, but now you have made it impossible to opt out of this view. To make matters worse you are rolling it out on a per person basis instead of per organization, so some people have the update while others do not leading to more chaos.

Starting to think “if its broke, break it more!” is Asana’s motto.

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Just checking in on the rollout for Premium customers? I want to be sure I’m prepping my team for this change!


It’s been a few months. Anxiously waiting for the release to prep my team!


Me too! I tagged @Marie yesterday and she said we should hear details soon.

Hi everyone! Just wanted to share a quick update on the launch timeline here. We hope to roll this update out to all customers in July. We will make sure to post an update here if something changes!


Good news! :loudspeaker: The Asana redesign is now available to most customers!

If you haven’t received the updated version yet, don’t worry. It will be available to you shortly. Thank you for your patience!


What about the changes to My Tasks sorting and grouping?
Those don’t appear to be covered anywhere but they’ve changed how Sections are treated.

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After the “big new version”, Asana puts projects in the sidebar that it THINKS you want to see, or that you have “touched” or accessed in some way. The old version displayed EVERY project that I was a member of OR that I had a task assigned to, in that list. I can find no way to change this behavior back and it’s driving me crazy. Then I went to MY TASKS, and the task assigned to me for the project i was looking for STILL wasn’t there. Once a co-worker went into the task, and @ mentioned me, the project popped up on the sidebar project list.

I have missed tasks after this new redesign. PLEASE - is there a way to revert my project list back to the old format?


PS… adding a simple “ALL” choice to the “…” menu for the Project List would solve this problem. It only says ALPHABETICAL, TOP, RECENT.

Isn’t “alphabetical” exactly the same as an “all”, except it is sorted?

You can’t revert back, and Asana had plenty of time to listen to complaints (weeks of testing) and still deployed, so don’t expect any rollback :sweat_smile:

We have seen on the forum that the new design broke some people’s workflow, but overall I believe the new design was welcomed, at least that’s the feeling I get from talking with clients and users.

My advice: stop using the sidebar that much. Use My Tasks, favorite some projects, use the search… you’ll be better off (in most cases).