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TLDR; Are you interested in participating in the portfolios designed beta and sharing feedback? Just fill out this short form: Asana Experience Research Survey

The Asana product team is working on some exciting updates to Portfolios where we are consolidating the list view to provide a more rich and streamlined experience for customers to monitor, report, and unblock work. We are also adding a right pane to surface project and portfolio-level information such as status updates on the list view, without the need to drill down.

We’re looking for customers who are interested in getting early access to these changes and giving us feedback. If you decide to participate, your feedback will help us make important decisions before releasing these updates to the rest of the world. To give you a bit of a preview of what these changes would look like, check out the screenshot below.

What should I expect if I participate?

  • You will get early access to the new Portfolio refresh.
  • You will be able to submit direct feedback via an in-product form.
  • You may have the option to speak with some of our product team members about your experience (if you’re interested, no obligation).
  • Anyone in the early access program can opt-out and go back to the current version of Asana at any time by submitting feedback. Eventually, all portfolios will have the new resigned look.

How do I sign up? Just fill out this short survey: Asana Experience Research Survey


Thanks @Marie Registered my interest.

By chance, is there a design of a new timeline view? :star_struck:


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For clarification, I had the opportunity to discuss with the Product team in charge of this project and now I understand that the redesign concerns only the List view of the portfolio (as well explained in the description by @Marie, actually :wink:), I should have read more carefully.