Column function SUM not calculating correctly on Dashboard

Column function SUM not calculating correctly on Dashboard

Steps to reproduce: Add #Number field, set to GDP, add values.

Browser version: Chrome Version 86.0.4240.80 (Official Build) (x86_64)

Upload screenshots below:

Sorry, I cant seem to add screenshots or attachments.

Hi @Neil_Morecraft, I’ve made some updates and you should now be able to upload screenshots. Can you try again please? This will help me to identify the issue and try to reproduce it :slight_smile: Thank you!

Thanks Emily,

You’ll note in the list view the SUM is accurate but when viewing the summary in the Dashboard the value is incorrect.

On the first screenshot you seem to have other tasks below, they don’t have a cost that would add up to 152?

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Good question @Bastien_Siebman! Please let us know @Neil_Morecraft so we can assist further here. Thank you!

No they don’t. Individually on the list view the sum of each section adds up correctly, its the total sum on the dashboard that appears not to calculate properly, i.e doesn’t total the sum of all all sections (sub totals).

Hi @Neil_Morecraft! sorry for the late follow-up here. Can you confirm if you are filtering your List view by only Incomplete tasks? The number shown in your Dashboard includes incomplete and completed tasks.

Hi, No I am viewing all tasks. The list view calculates correctly within each section but the dashboard view remains incorrect,

Thanks for getting back to me @Neil_Morecraft and sorry to hear that the issue persists! Unfortunately I’ve been unable to reproduce this on my end. In this case, this issue seems to be specific to your project and field.

In order to investigate this issue and solve it asap, can you please contact our support team and send them the URL of this thread? This should help them investigate this issue and identify the error.