Sums of numerical custom fields

I see that Sections totals is something coming –
My team and I were so excited to see that hours estimated and actual hours used (through the Everhour integration) showed up by Section. Today it isn’t there anymore. Can we get it back? We have it by task by having it roll up by section is awesome for us.

Please let me know if this is something we will see again.

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Hi @Alisa_Hall,

I’ve gone ahead and moved your question to a new thread and easily follow-up.

Would you mind sharing a screenshot of what you’re seeing on your end? This option should now be available to everyone, so I’m surprised you’re not seeing it anymore.

Looking forward ti your reply!

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Thank you – but I’m not actually talking about the sums in numerical fields – we do have that.
I’m talking about the estimated hours (using Everhour integration) and the actual hours input – we have it per task and per project – but we did have it per Section for a few days/maybe a week and it was awesome!

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Hi @Alisa_Hall and thanks for the quick follow-up.

Could you please share a full screenshot (feel free to block any private info)? Unfortunately, I can’t see all info I need to help you here with just a partial screenshot.

Looking forward to your reply :slight_smile:

Thank you – Sure!
Here is a little test area we use to figure out hierarchy – hopefully this provides enough info – the red circles show where info of x hours of x hours was located. And the Estimated Hours column is where we keep our baseline estimates.

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And just a quick reminder that this is using the Everhour integration

Thank you so much @Alisa_Hall,

So from what I can see, the new Numerical Custom Field sum feature is available on your account, so it seems that sums you’re missing belong to Everhour. My guess is that Everhour is working on their update following the roll out of Introducing our new Spreadsheet-Inspired List View!. If you’ve seen this option popping up earlier on this week, it is possible that Everhour was testing this feature, but to learn more, I would reach out directly to tehir support team following instructions in this article:

Since Everhour is a third party application, it’s unfortunately not something we can troubleshoot on our end.

Hope this helps Alisa :slight_smile:

I will check with them –
Thanks so much for your quick reply – really appreciate it!

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Hi, just to confirm one more time that Everhour knows about a problem and a fix is due to be ready today. My colleague ill follow up with you upon that!

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Thanks for the follow-up @Waclaw_Wolodko :grinning:

Latest update here: extension version 1.6.18 fixed the bug, totals per section are back again!


Thank you!

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fantastic @Waclaw_Wolodko, thanks for keeping us posted, really appreciate your support!

Hi @Marie,

I’m sorry if this is elsewhere in the forum but I looked around and didn’t see it…

I am really interested in when this will be available, I noticed in your post about the new List View you mentioned it here:

Could you let me know if that is still in store, or perhaps already available? And would it be also within Subtasks? I’m trialing Asana thinking of moving over from Wrike where I already have a contract, and this is a key piece for me!

Also I am testing the Instagantt Integration, it has rollup values in Sections, but ideally I’d like to avoid overuse of add-ons with you guys. The Everhour here that Alisa is talking about looks nice in that it keeps the info inside Asana.

Thank you in advance for your time on this!


Section totals are active and available now!

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@Phil_Seeman, really appreciating your time responding to me!

I set up a dummy project (that was for my first stab at Flowsana - worked great I have to say). Sorry if I’m missing something painfully obvious, but how do I turn on summarizing of these custom fields in both Sections, and Project-Level?

Thanks again!

Only Number fields are summed, not Text or Dropdown List.

Also, it does include the top level of subtasks (i.e. the ones that are displayed in List view) in the sum.

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Only sections are automatically calculated and displayed, not whole projects. However, if you want a sum (or other supported formula) of other than the items in one section, you can multi-select the items you want to include, and Asana will display the result in the little bar at the bottom of the screen.

Phil, great thanks for those explanations. I noticed those custom fields in Flowsana are text-types, even though you’ve got numbers in there, so still being unfamiliar with Asana I had to get past that first…and that explains why they didn’t calculate.

I do see the summary field now on some other projects I have set up with Number-type custom fields, so all clear now!

Thanks again!

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Thanks @Phil_Seeman :heart: