Colum data is not copying to other project

I am using a rule so all added tasks to a project are copied to a master project folder. When tasks are copied none of the information in any column is copied over other than the due date. Standard % complete column, multi select, notes, assignee, a yes/no column, a text column.

None of them transferred over. I ensured all columns are the same. I also ensure that all columns are in the same order. I uploaded the project into the master project. All columns populated fine. I deleted tasks from master and left columns unchanged. I then imported into a different project with a rule to copy all to master - not a single column other than date carried over.
What is wrong?

Hi @Luke_Phillips ,

Have you made the fields (columns) global? See this article for instructions on that. If you don’t do that, each field will be contained to its project, so when you multi-home tasks to other projects, those projects won’t “see” the field data from each other (i.e. if you have 2 projects with non-global priority columns with H/M/L values, even if they are multi-homed to both projects, those column won’t share the same data).


Hello Stephen_Li,
Thank you for the quick reply. That helps narrow it down.
The column is in the global. It looks like it is an import issue. When importing from a CSV the the Global column isn’t available and import as unique to the subproject that I am trying to have auto import.

As a quick add, I know that one of the imported fields is in Global because it is a list selection I had to keep modifying to make sure every single option in the importing files was exact.

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