Colleague not getting email notifications



One of my colleagues is not receiving email notifications when I create a new task in a team he’s in; however, another colleague in the same team is receiving them. The former is also not receiving email notices when the latter (or myself) updates the tasks in that team. Not in spam folder either. BTW, I haven’t assigned any of the tasks to either or made either followers.

Please advise.


Hi @Bill_Freund have you got them to check their individual Profile Settings in Asana? They maybe different which is causing the issue as you can specify what your individual email notifications are.

Hope that helps.


Yes, they did check (and are technically savvy). Thanks for asking. I should’ve mentioned that.


Hi Bill,

what I would also check are:

In the settings for the project the individual notification settings:

The general email notifications:

And of course the spam folder in the email programm :slight_smile:

I hope this helps, if not, I would ask since they need to take a look into the account.

Have a nice Friday


Hey @Bill_Freund, just to be sure…both colleagues are followers of the project that the new task added?


Thank you. I think this has been resolved.

I’d not added them as members to the projects. I thought they were automatically added as team members (at a higher level). And I’d directly communicated (via @) with one of them on a few tasks so I thought he was receiving the notifications (when he just happened to see the others when he logged in).