Collapse/Summary feature for sections

@J_Garcia and @Stan_Berezovsky, In case you weren’t aware, Asana has confirmed this feature will be coming as mentioned earlier in this thread and here:

found in: Sections are dead! Long live sections! - #27 by Joe_Trollo

@Vanessa_N, if there’s been any change, do let us know!



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Thanks @lpb

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I am throwing in my 2 cents on this as well. This is another of task functionality that is needed. One of my prime decision criteria for Asana was for the ability to use it for task as well as project management. Please consider this feature.

It’s been almost 2 years. We want to collapse them sections :slight_smile:


Yes! Would absolutely love collapsable sections. I have dozens of sections and hundreds of tasks! Please make it happen Asana! I hear it’s in the works, but any idea on a timeline?


It’s a no-brainer. 1+

Agreed. People managing lots of groups and activities need to be able to focus their attention and look at segments of their workload and flow at different times. Not all at once, every time they touch Asana.

When I’m meeting with people A, B and C, today I know we’ll want to dive into topics F, G, and H, portions of J, and maybe L as well, and do not want to have to wade through AA, BB, CC, DD,EE…ZZ Actually this is a much bigger issue that is not fully addressed by Expand/Collapse, but at least Expand/Collapse provides some way to filter or segment the view.

One of the biggest challenges in getting people to look at Asana data as a group, or by themselves, is that there’s just so much data possible (we are a busy group like pretty much everyone) and there is minimal tolerance for being presented irrelevant data even ONCE, let alone again and again and again…

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Yes to being able to collapse sections.

Also needed: being able to collapse multiple copies of the same task. This is much needed!

When in Project view, with 15 team members being assigned the same task, it makes everything feel way more overwhelming than it needs to and prevents getting a quicker view of the big picture.

Asana folks on this thread – if you are adding “collapse” functionality to sections, can you also add it for task copies, so project managers can have an option to see one of each task they have out, not dozens of task multiples? Can you comment on whether there is anything in motion around this?

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Yes, the ability to collapse a section would be very useful & much appreciated.

+1 for the same.

Hi @Umesh - Welcome to the forum - Just in case you haven’t already- you need to make sure you add your vote at the top of the post or it won’t count :slight_smile:

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This feature has been requested and upvoted hundreds of times over many years. It would literally take any competent front-end developer less than an hour to implement. Why hasn’t Asana done this yet?

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Yes, add this feature please, super annoying watching tens and hundreds of tasks when I am not interested in them actually and just steal my focus.

I am finding that tasks under some sections collapse on their own, while others are expanded and that I have no control over either. Any guidance on how to create uniformity?

So it would be really great to be able to expand/collapse sections - even without the summary features folks are suggesting (though the combination would be the most helpful so thank you to those who have submitted those ideas!). I have voted accordingly.

Also, it appears that @Joe_Franscella has some collapse/expand features, any clue what is going on with that challenge regarding random tasks expanding/collapsing and how their stuff has some of that feature but the rest of us don’t (yet, I’m hoping)?

I’m new to Asana and was going through some of the online tutorials and I swore that several of the screenshots in the tutorials had expand/collapse arrows next to the Section headers, but it looks like that was only in the “My Tasks” screen. Is that correct?

If we can expand/collapse Tasks in the My Tasks view, why can’t we do that within the projects? I’m not a developer so I don’t know how hard this is to implement but it seems like a popular request.

Thank you and here’s hoping the expand/collapse sections feature of the overall update going on is available soon!

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Look =) It is on its way! :tada: Collapsing + moving a section




Any timeline on this? My team is wanting to consider other products that have this feature, but I could keep us on Asana if I knew when it would be coming!

@Peter_Hodgson Welcome to the forum!

Here is some updated info on the timeline:

Thanks, Phil!