Collapse/Summary feature for sections

One of my accounts (Organizations) has this already. Not the other. This is going to be so helpful to have.

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Would love this feature!

Please find a way to collapse sections so I can see all sections of a project more easily.

Welcome to the Forum @Lori_McEwen and thank you for sharing your feedback with us.

This is a very popular request in the Forum and we already have an existing thread about it so I’ve gone ahead and merged your post with this existing thread to compile all feedback and to make sure to keep everybody updated in one place when this functionality is completely rolled out to all users.

Have a great Monday!

Any update on this?

Hi @Casey_Gover,

Asana is slowly rolling out the change to the projects view, where you’ll be able to switch back and forth between list and board view for a project. Part of that change includes the ability to collapse sections in list view. So you’ll have to be patient for the change to reach you, but when it does, you’ll be all set in terms of collapsing those sections.


It would be extremely helpful if sections could be moved and all of their underlying tasks moved with them.
Also, would be wonderful if sections could be collapsed and thus hide their underlying tasks. The view would be much easier when there are many tasks involved.

This is coming with a new feature being rolled out to everyone. Just be patient!

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That’s great news. Thanks

Hi @DavidWS :wave: Thank you for sharing your feedback with us!

As @Bastien_Siebman explained, he ability to collapse sections is being slowly rolled out in Asana and they will soon be available for everybody.

I’ve gone ahead and merged your post with an existing thread regarding this topic to make sure we keep everybody updated in one place when this functionality is completely rolled out to all users. I hope it’s OK.

Have a great Thursday!

The downside seems to be that sections NEVER go away? I can’t currently delete them unless I delete all tasks underneath the section (not just mark completed, but delete).

Is that right? If so, that’s going to create a very cluttered visual display long-term.


I like the new ability to collapse and move the sections, but I really do not understand the reasoning behind removing the ability to mark them complete. We have ongoing projects with weekly tasks, and I agree that this is going to create a lot of clutter.

With this implementation, I am going to have to come up with some sort of alternative scheme for organizing projects. Sections aren’t going to work for us if this is how they are going to function now.

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Having the ability to keep sections collapsed would be a big start. I like to keep completed tasks on the project, but that creates a really messy view when I open up a project. If I could save the state of the section being collapsed/open it would be super helpful. +1 on being able to mark them complete. Maybe this would work together with the collapse state?


I would really like to be able to save all headers collapsed as part of the “Save Layout as Default” settings. Right now it doesn’t capture that detail when saving the layout. On the flip side, a collapse all headers button would be appreciated. It would definitely help us keep things cleaned and organized.


Yes! I just jumped into the community to look just for this feature; the ability to expand and collapse all sections at once (separate buttons), as desired.


I second, third, fourth (not sure how many votes are running) for a “Save Layout” feature that keeps sections collapsed, as well as, Collapse/Expand All option. It would be much more user friendly when running through multiple sections for reviews.


Hi all, I’m closing this thread as most of request here have been addressed.

@Olive if you haven’t yet, make sure to upvote Keep collapsed sections collapsed when saved under "Save layout as default"