Switching from Boards to List View (and vice versa)

Any update on this feature? (ability to switch a project from boards to list view - and vice versa?

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This feature will come once the migration to the new data model started/is done. See Reminder about two big upcoming API changes (String IDs and new sections)


@Marie - are you able to give us an idea of when that might happen? That is HUGE issue I have and it would solve so many problems for me and my team.

Hi @Kari_Stober,

Just like we do for all updates, this new feature will be rolled out gradually! We’re hoping to start deploying it in the next couple of weeks; but don’t worry, I’ll update this thread as soon as we start deploying it, so you’ll automatically get notified!

Hope this helps!

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I can confirm that the rollout is happening. I am a part of a few asana orgs and the one org has the feature. I thought I was seeing things which lead me down the rabbit hole; ending in this thread.

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Here’s a little more information courtesy of a developer-focused post:


Thanks @Phil_Seeman :wink:

Thanks Phil, does this mean once a workspace is migrated I can switch between list and board or does this feature to be released in a next step?

I believe that’s correct - once you’re migrated, you should be able to switch. However, @Joe_Trollo, are you able to confirm if that’s the case?

Yes, that’s correct—the rollout of the “boards to lists” UI feature is aligned with the migration.


omg i am so excited, that are really great news :sun_with_face:

and how long will the migration process last for 100% of the Accounts. Do we talk about days, weeks or months?

@OSTMOST, we do not currently have estimates for how long it will take to migrate all Asana customers. We will have a better projection when the migration is steadily underway.


Thanks for the reply! Will there be a chance to manualy start the process for individual accounts? Or beta tests? We would be happy for every week earlier we could switch between boards and lists.


Unfortunately, we’re not able to manually opt users in but we will make sure to regularly keep you updated in the Forum as we make progress! Thank you so much for your patience and interest in this new feature!

@Marie What’s the update on this? Really need to exchange over list view and can’t risk losing all my tasks or making a mess of my workspace with duplicate channels…

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Hi @Erin_McDonald, you can find the latest update here! I will update this thread as soon as I have more info!

Hey all,

Here’s a new update on this upcoming change:


Is this done yet. I’m seeing a lot of back and forth, but no clear answer. Two and a half years since the start of this thread seems like a dramatically long time to wait for something like this.

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It is being rolled out slowly to everyone. Some of us already have this feature.