Collapse/Summary feature for sections

Any word on the collapsible sections feature?

Please, please, please. Would really love to be able to collapse and even nest sections. My Today portion of my today is just not the reality of my existence. I need to be able to make my days more bite size.

@Katie - Do you have any updates on this feature request?

+1 from me. Collapsing sections that have no impact on what I’m working on would be a great UI improvement.

I use Asana for Lead Lists (List View) and Pipeline Management (Board View); and use subtasks as interaction records, sectioned by product/time. Collapsible sections would be invaluable in making Asana integral to my workflow!

One up Collapsible Sections


So into this. There is something really calming about being able to choose when to look at certain groupings of tasks in a project. Helps will focus. Can also remove the feeling that Asana is sometimes overwhelming.


@Marie, how does it work with Asana to encourage a product feature improvement? I was thinking this feature could be a good one to add to the hack section initially


+1 for this feature - I came searching for this and was really hoping it was implemented by now.

Goal = focus!

I have one project dedicated to myself for “Today’s Focus” and “This Week’s Focus”. I’d like to be able to collapse everything else tagged/referenced for this week until I get today’s focus finished.

Sections are undergoing some changes so that sections in list and board projects will behave consistently.

As part of that change, Asana has said that sections in list views will be collapsable! So sometime probably later this year, it should be coming.

There haven’t been any announcements about section-level summaries.


Hi, is there a way to make sections colapsable in normal projects, just as they are in the “My Tasks” qhen you divide them in today, next…? Some of my sections are quite extense and it would be great if they colapsed and allow me to view more content of the next sections or tasks on my screen

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Not currently, but Asana has said that this ability is coming soon!

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Looking forward to it! Tasks are getting so numerous, project views are exploding…

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This would be great! Also be useful if I could share a section to a person instead of the whole project or individual tasks.

this feature will be great, do you know that is already on development pipeline?

Hi Everyone, if you’re desperate for colapsable sections, I recommend using Instagantt. You can sign in with your asana account and there the sections are colapsable. It’s very useful to me because I rely a lot on the chronogram/gantt diagram feature.

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I hope that when Sections in a List View are collapsed, that Section will also be collapsed in the corresponding Timeline.

ADDED: And provide a control to Collapse/Expand Section from the Timeline.

@Marie, it is almost 2 years of this request, what is the status of it. It is really important to keep updated the people. Our organization is paying a huge amount of money every month and things like this take years to be developed or infirmed with and alternative?

How much do you care about customer support?

Could not agree more, this is a huge missed function by Asana that should of been there since the beginning, The view of all the projects look so overwhelmed right now and we are forced to create sub tasks and us tasks as Sections. It’s so hard to navigate as you need to remember which task actually got sub-tasks.

Collapsing Sections feature in t’s basic simplicity would eliminate all this frustration

We are a paid client as many are here, please do something about it

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Hi @Stan_Berezovsky, welcome to the Forum and thank you for sharing your thoughts with us. I don’t have an update to share with you today, but rest assured that we are keeping an eye on that and we will keep you posted on this thread as soon as we have further information.

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