Collaboration across and communication between teams


We have an Asana-team named All, which everyone is part of, and then further teams for Production, R&D and so on, where people are typically only member of one specific team. This generally makes sense, but it is a bit unclear how to then best communicate between teams.

As an example, if Mr. R from R&D wants to ask Mr. P from Production to do something, is it correct that the only way for Mr. R to do so, is to create a task or conversation in the All-team? Or is there a smarter way to collaborate across teams, that would avoid the All-team getting messy with all kinds of inter-departmental tasks?

Hi @Kristian_Tolbol_Sore

I find very effective to share the task with the person from the other team (or the project if needed).

Mr R can simply assign a task in R&D to Mr P, specifying which level of access Mr P can have (task, project, team). So Mr P can see the task and reply.

I tend to avoid adding too many tasks in a generic team, as it defies the usability and domain of a task.



@Kristian_Tolbol_Sore We have a HQ team that has everyone in the company as members. Then, there are smaller teams for specific usage. If, for example, I have an idea that I would like our Social Media manager to post to our networks, I go into our “Post This Please” project in HQ.

In that, we have a template that I would copy, then i put in all the info needed, and it is per the template task assigned to that owner. The cool trick is to have this template task be shared with a project that the SMM has with social media posts. So it’s a way for me to speak directly to him/her in HQ, but then also feed into their unique team where they can organize further. See screenshot.

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I can see how having a template task in a team that everyone has access to can be a neat solution as well. However, I hadn’t actually considered that it might be possible to delegate tasks to people outside a team, and I think this is nearly optimal in terms of organization and separation.

Thanks for the replies!

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