Passing Tasks Between Departments

Hi, need some advice please - we are a UK based marketing agency who are looking to sign-up with Asana.

We are currently wondering how we set up Asana between departments.

We think we will use a Team per department e.g. marketing services, design studio, events etc. This will keep things tidy, enabling each department to use Asana in a way that is most fitting for the environment they work in.

But this poses an instant problem. What happens when in a marketing services project (for example) the design team needs to get involved.

What is best practice of how the task gets passed from one Asana team to another?

If the task is dual marked in two projects - would you set up a project in the design team for example that becomes a bucket for all requested from other departments?

In Wrike for example - you can set up a workflow, so filling in a form would trigger a list of tasks (or template) instantly in the other department’s team space.

Hopefully the question is clear - but if not happy to add more detail :grinning:

Hi @Jonathan_Phillips1 I would recommend each team having an intake board per process so that if a project has tasks in it that need to be worked on by another team they can add it to their intake board.

Alternatively, depending on what Asana licence level you can have one big team and use portfolios for the departments to house their projects in. However then I would still recommend intake project for these processes.

Thanks Danielle :blush:

I’ll discuss the idea of everyone having an intake project internally.

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