Closing tasks for a project set for a "Completed" status


I have some projects that are very close copies of others, and during audit, we audit them all at the same time, and it’s time consuming if we have to go task by task to close.

Is there any way to set rules so when I set the status of a project as “Completed”, all the tasks in it are marked as completed?

Or maybe a way of bulk completing tasks in a project? I noticed that for some projects in which several tasks are all the same, and my team has completed all of them at the same time, I want to mark them all complete, but I need to go one by one, even if I mark the project as a whole as completed via status change.

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Hi @Leonardo_Corso ,

This is not possible

You can click on the top task, hold shift, and click on the bottom task, which will “select all” within that range. You can then mark one complete and they will be completed at once.

Note: There is a max of 50 tasks you can select at once. Hope this helps!

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I would advise against completing a task if it wasn’t done. You need to cancel it, or delete it. To cancel a task, you can turn it into an approval and reject, or use a tag, or rename it…