Add a rule to multiple projects at once

I just wondered if it was possible to add a rule to 50 different projects in one go rather than 1 at a time?

Basically want a “completion status set” - “move to certain section” but I need it on 50 existing projects.

Am hoping there is an automated way to do it rather than all individually?!

Hi @Julia_Attwell , this can be achieved using a recently launched feature called Bundles (available on Enterprise plans) where you can apply Rules as well as Sections, Task templates and Custom fields into several projects at a push of a button - very powerful!

If you create a Bundle with a ‘Completed’ section, then this section will appear as an option when you create a rule within that Bundle to move a task into that section once marked complete. And then you would have to add all 50 projects one time to the bundle, but after that it’s just a few clicks to apply or update your bundle to all 50 projects. (ping @Arthur_BEGOU , am I right?)

If you are on a Business plan, I was going to suggest that in retrospect, you could create a ‘Task manager’ project where all your tasks from all 50 different projects get multihomed into it. That would mean simply having one rule in each of the 50 projects that would be ‘task added to project → add to Task manager project’. Then in the Task manager project, you would create all the generic rules you want to apply to all 50 projects such as ‘task completion is set’ → set ‘Status’ custom field to ‘complete’. But, for project-specific rules such as ‘move to certain section’ this would not work. :person_shrugging:

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