How to add a Task to every project in a Team, efficiently

We have a team with about 50 projects that we’ve decided that all of the projects need a Task added to them all. They all have a section titled “Design” and we need this task in that section.

50 individual tasks, not 1 task multi-homed across all 50. But, all of the tasks will be exactly the same (same title, description, etc). And, same “Section”.

What is the simplest, most efficient way to get that task into all 50 of those projects, into that specific section?

Am I going to need to just duplicate that task 50 times and then home each individual duplicate into that project?

I really don’t see any easy way… A dev could code it, but it is not really worth it unless it happens often…

Hey Matt55, would you be able to create the task and then within the details “Add to projects”. I have not tried this across multiple projects so not entirely sure how it will react when it is closed on each individual project. Also, have you thought about using a project template? That way your task in question lands on all net new projects. You may already be doing that but something to think about.

Daniel unfortunately that’s what I had to do. I duplicated the task 50 times and homed them individually into the projects. Rather ridiculous but it worked.

That task is already an updated addition to the Project Template, so any new project made going forward has it, but it won’t retro the task into stuff that was already created with the template.

Matt, I hate to hear that there was so much manual intervention that had to take place but at least you were able to get it to where you want it. I hope it is smooth sailing from here for you!

Oh no, it won’t be. When making a change company-wide, there are bound to be issues we discover that we wish we had the foresight to have recognized. This won’t be my last rodeo having to manually make an addition to EVERY SINGLE project we have in the works. This learning curve is pushing me further toward writing our own software using Filemaker, because at the end of the day, this is all just database stuff with attractive user interfaces. It will take me quite a while to develop it, and I’ll need to contract a professional to help me smooth it out, but it will happen.

@Matt5 I’d be happy to be considered if this is indeed something happening often. Not that hard I believe if this is about adding a task to all projects based on a given template.