Clarification of 'Mentions only' setting

Hello, I have a question about notification settings.

I want to be notified every time the whole project has an update (every task) – as well as @mentions. Which settings should I set for this?

Do I tick ‘Activity updates’ and then leave ‘Mentions only’ unchecked?

I’m confused by the wording of ‘only’, and I’m not sure if by ticking ‘Mentions only’, it then stops you from receiving other notifications.

Any help much appreciated!

Hey @Jenny_Hearn
Welcome to the Asana Forum…

I have a question on your query are you looking for ALL the notifications for all projects or a specific project you are working in.

If the latter you can ensure you get every notification by clicking the share button on the top right of the project, and then manage notifications.

You can then scroll to you as a member and select which notifications you get from that project specifically.

IF you want it for ALL projects (I would personally advise against due to the number of emails I ended up getting, but may be different for you) then I would be selecting all of the options for the email notifications in the settings page, and then also scrolling down and selecting the task updates option for desktop notifications and all options in the project notifications section.

As the Mentions only is part of a multi option I select it as well as the other options.
I think if you just selected it then you would only receive updates on tasks assigned to you and direct messages, but by pairing it up you can receive more.

Hope this helps!

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Hi @Becky_Manson,

Thanks for your reply and advice, that’s helpful!

I’ve clicked the Share button and checked that I am due to receive all Status updates, Messages and Tasks added – that’s great to know!

In the settings page, I have checked that I am receiving all ‘Activity updates’ via email. I am currently only on one project so this is OK – I won’t receive too many alerts!

I have also checked ‘Mentions only’:

My worry was that ‘Mentions only’ would override the ‘Activity updates’ setting above.

By checking both, I’m hoping that I get all notifications via email. From what you’ve said, it sounds like this is the case and that – yes! – I will still get all the notifications.

Is this correct according to your experience?

Many thanks for all your help so far!


With my experience this is correct :slight_smile:
I accidentally left mine ticked yesterday and got a flurry of emails!!

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Amazing, thanks so much @Becky_Manson! This is really helpful to have confirmation.

I hope you have a good rest of your day!

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