Choose an assignee within a Form

Is it possible to use rules to select an assignee within the form? I am trying to create a Form that automatically assigns tasks to a specific person chosen within the form.

For example, if the questions reads, “Who should finish this task?” and there is a drop down list with names as options, then I want to create a rule that assigns a task to that person. I can make a rule that creates a task, but I’m not sure how to assign it to the person chosen in the Form.


Welcome, @anon14367936,

If you’re on Asana Business or Premium, then you can use Rules to accomplish this:

Create a single-select custom field as you describe with the names of the potential assignees.

In your form, add a single-select question and connect it to the custom field above; the values will automatically populate. (You may not have set it up this way, so if not, delete your field and replace as described.)

For each potential assignee, create one rule like this:

  • Triggers: 1) Task added to this project from this form, and 2) potential assignee field is person [Note: Be sure to specify all triggers must occur, not just any one of the triggers
  • Action: Assign to person

Hope that helps,


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