Checkmark vs "Done" Column

I agree, this would be a great option to have on a board. But I do think it should be an option, not a default.

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Please add this feature, even as an option!

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Meister Task has this feature, can we please have this


+1 … please add this feature…

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Maybe assigning rules to a column would solve this and add more future options.

‘Done’ -> rule: mark as done
‘Review’ -> rule: assign to person x

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  • ‘Mark as done’ should be ‘Mark as complete’

this is very essential feature


+1 for sure. It would be nice to see all completed items greyed out in one column

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Hi is this still not possible? Definitely makes using the board view more difficult because tasks in our ‘Complete’ / ‘Done’ columns are still showing up on team’s ‘My Tasks’ as incomplete.

Was there ever an answer on whether this is possible with API, looks like mid last-year wasn’t possible, anything changed?

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FYI you can accomplish this with Flowsana - you can read about it here (in fact you can see a little demo of this exact rule in action):

Yes, I agree. And of course Mark as complete should be Mark as done as well.

Hard to imagine we would have to pay for such a standard feature in project management software.

+1 please. I can’t believe this is not built in

I would have also expected, that the board columns can be logically connected to a custom-field (or maybe at least an asana default-field for a start), in which the status of a card can be set. And the card would then appear in the respective board column accordingly.
And of course there should also be an option to activate that a status “done” should trigger the checkmark and vice versa.

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Flowsana can perform this logic function and some other very powerful stuff

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There is a lot of demand for this feature here, too:

When can we get this feature launched?

crazy that this isn’t standard built in logic and functionality.

It’s actually the #1 reason why I won’t time this out across our whole organisation. Totally unintuitive behaviour guaranteed to cause confusion and corrupt any statistics and measurement of activity.

Hi folks,

You can now use Rules to automatically move tasks you mark complete to a specific colunm! Have a look at this other post to learn more about it: Now rolling out to Asana users — Rules! Have all a great Tuesday!